Betoway Ltd is a family owned business acting as agents and distributors of leading machinery equipment, chemical, raw material and packaging manufacturers for various industries.

Our main concept is to be able to supply turn key plants for the production of different building materials such as bricks, roof tiles, pavers, kerbstones, hollow blocks, mortar, plaster, paint, ready mix concrete, cement, sand, bentonite, gravel and many more.


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Plastic Recycling

We provide turnkey solutions that are modular and scaliable so that we can easily meet your company needs, in terms of production capacity & automatic level...


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Ready mix Concrete Industry

Concrete Admixtures, Synthetic Iron Oxide pigments, ADBLUE, HARDOX sheets, Metal fibres

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Brick & Tile Industry

Stretch film, Stretch hood, Shrink Film, Refractory bricks, Insulation material (mineral and ceramic wool), Turn key machinery equipment...


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Concrete Precast and Concrete Roof tiles

Stretch film, Synthetic Iron Oxide pigments, Concrete Admixtures, Acrylic paint, Demoulding oil, Moulds, Wooden and plastic pallets, Strap, Rubber Gaskets, Humidity sensors, Turn key

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Cement Industry

Conveyor Belts, Teflon sheets, Wearing & Casted parts, Stainless steel sheets, seamless pipes & fittings, valves, Grinding aid, Stretch film, Chromate reducer...


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Paint, Plaster, Mortar, Tile Adhesive & Grout

Cellulose ethers, Redispersible powder, Synthetic Iron Oxide pigments, Additives, Paper and plastic bags, Metal tins and plastic cans, Synthetic fibres, Stretch film, Stretch hood

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Beverage Industry

Packaging Films, PET Pre-forms, Caustic soda solution, Glass bottles, Cork, ADBLUE, urea solution


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